Game Dev Contest: Domestic Violence

Ludum Dare, big, tall and shadowed

I participating in the Mini Ludum Dare #10 (MLD10) this weekend.  Ludum Dare is a website the organizes game development contests which are usually 48 hours long.  The mini's are practice contests and the rules are usually more informal.

MLD10's theme is Domestic Violence.  I found this to be a very hard theme.  Where is the fun in it?  But, I got to brainstorming and something struck me.  Games are often about real life, even the unpleasant sides of life, like war.  Games like Doom, Company of Heroes etc., these all deal with the theme of War, but are still able to be fun.  So, I'm moving forward and starting to get somewhere.

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Update:  I've thrown in the towel.