Torque 2D Stealth Launch

The big news last week was the stealth release of Torque 2D, more affectionately know as T2D. I've already started a parallel version of my game using it and I feel certain that it is going to overpower my current version by the end of the month.

I've enjoyed working with and learning T2D so much that I wrote a review for the product:
"T2D is a great introduction to the Torque family. It quickly gets your hands dirty with Torque Script, and the architecture of the core engine. I personally had trouble getting into the groove with the Torque Game Engine (TGE) but with T2D I immediately started making progress and understanding how the engine worked.

One thing I like about working with T2D is that the skills you are building are directly applicable to the TGE. So down the road I can tackle a 3D project without having to start all over again.

Another great aspect of T2D is the energy of the community. The boards are buzzing with helpful and cooperative people and everyone is helping each other fix their problems and improving their understanding of the engine. It is a no brainier win... buy it NOW!"

My review is weaker than I'd like it to be, but I wanted to support the creator as much as I could. So this is my quick and dirty but positive review for now. Luckily, the Garage Games site lets you update (edit) reviews. So down the road when I have more details to spill I can improve it.

One of the less talked about things regarding T2D is its creator Melv May. Melv is a start-up Indie too, meaning he has a 'normal' day job and then works on T2D in his spare time. It is really inspiring to see someone achieve what he has while holding a day job. (Not to mention he has a wife and new born.) It is a good example of what can be achieve by perseverance, commitment and love for a project. It gives me inspiration and hope that I can bring my game into reality.


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