Do the little things now

I have a procrastination problem (as some of you may have noticed.) One of the ‘reason’ behind this is I tend to over engineer things and make mountains out of mole hills. Instead of just going to the grocery store when I run out of milk I devise a massive plan for going to ten different stores. It’s basically a form of pre/over optimizing. Instead of taking care of the problem at hand, I start thinking about efficiency and maximizing my car trip.

This has two problems. First, I end up procrastinating because the small but important and urgent task of getting milk turns into this massive, overwhelming and very unpleasant project. The second problem is instead of just taking care of the little thing that is important all these other tasks get treated as a priority when they probably shouldn’t. This means that more important things are not getting done all in the name of efficiency.

So I’ve been trying to keep this mantra in my mind, “Do the little things now.”