Visual Studio 2005 Keyboard Cheat Sheet

Lately I have been having pain in my arm and wrist from using the mouse so much.  So I went looking for a keyboard cheat sheet for Visual Studio 2005.  I am hoping this will allow me to use the mouse less and give my wrist a rest.  Sadly, the best thing I could find was this video at Channel 9 (I can’t get a lot of these to work with C#).  So using tips from the video and my own sleuth like skills I created my own cheat sheet which I share here for you future Google travelers.

Visual Studio 2005 Key Board Cheat Sheet

Build = Shift+F6
Jump to Find Window = Ctrl + /
Toggle Region = Ctrl+M, M
Next Error = Ctrl+Shif+F12
Comment Line = Ctrl+C,C
UnComment Line = Ctrl+C,C
Open a file = Ctrl+O
Error W. = Ctrl+W, E
Class W. = Ctrl+W, C
Code = F7