Today, I joined a very new forum belonging to GameProducer.Net.  You probably recognized the name because author Juuso Hietalahti has had several very popular posts.  He’s done a series of interviews including Positech’s Cliff Harris and today’s with Jesse Smith a Producer at Firaxis Games.  What I find most interesting is the ongoing series “Sales Statistics” which reveals the real sales data of some indie games.

So why did I plop $50 down to join an unproven, brand spanking new forum on game development?  It seems crazy on the surface, because other quality forums like Indie Gamer are free, but there are 3 crucial factors that made it a no brainier for me.

First, I don't see it as a replacement for Indie Gamer or the old dexterity forum archive.   I've enjoy both and benefited from both. That said, Indie Gamer has lost that feeling of group participation it uses to have and I have been reading less and less of the posts there. I'm hoping to find (will find) a higher concentration of yummy posts, more group discussion and less, “Hey! I just turn 18 and you should join my team because we are going to make the best MMO in the world.”

Second, because I'm still a beginner (in the sense that I haven’t published) I often felt my posts in other forums where considered from the same bin as the MMO nut.  This is where the $50 comes into play.  I'm very serious about game making and hope that because of the entry fee that will be true for everyone.  I also hope that because of the entry fee forum posts will be given the benefit of the doubt, taken seriously and given respectful guidance and advice.

The third and final reason is Juuso Hietalahti has a good reputation.  His blog has provided a lot of useful information, resources and guidance.  He is respected onIndie Gamer and has made significant contributions.  I believe this will help attract a very talented crowd.

So check out the details because I believe the future is bright over at GameProducer.Net Forums.