April 8-9 Game in a Day J (19)

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Sorry it's been a bit quiet on the GID front lately. It's been rather hectic around here lately and I've been trying to hold off the next GID til the site update was done. Unfortunately, finding time to get the GID site rewritten has been harder then I thought it would be. As with GID18*, time has ticked by far to quickly and people are starting to get withdrawl symptoms so its time for GID j** ...

So, join us in #gameinaday on irc.maxgaming.net on the 8th and 9th of April 2006 for GID j, the theme being Extreme Forces.

* - GID17 was cancelled because we didn't have Constructor.
** - Game in a Day got bored of plain old decimal and has now switched to a base 62 numbering scheme.

[The theme is extreme forces.]