Things I learned at IGC Day 2

– Business cards are a must, even if you are just a hobbyist
– Microsoft uses interesting phrase when talking about software and computer games like vibrant ecosystems and digital lifestyle
– Xbox live has 2 million subscribers
– Microsoft predicts the PC Game markets expanding from $4 billion (2004) to $9 billion by 2009
– MSN Games players are 70% women
– Xbox 360 has out of the box support for downloadable games, even if they got the model without the hard drive, they call it Live Arcade
– Xbox has seen an average Conversation rate of 8 to 8.5% on its Live titles (this is just insane!) Peak titles doing 21-22% and low titles in the 4% area
– In Korea you can rent games by the hours
– A lot of cash flow in Asia comes from selling power-ups and providing servers not the actually selling of the game (because of piracy)
– It is important to know your story because a good strong story will be picked up by the press
– 21-6 spent two years working on it own game engine in the beginning
– Dont get wrapped up and excited by offer of money for your game, it happens a lot and usually doesnt go any where
– Lawyers are expensive and very important, dont hire one that charges less than $400 a hour
– Make a game you have passion for, consider yourself the target market, youll need the passion to get through the tough spots
– Watch out for feature creep
– A big part of game development is feature creep
– Game development will take Two times longer and three time more expensive than you expect
– Give yourself a couple years to finish a title
– is actually a great place to find talent
– Cap royalties and have a vesting schedule for all projects
– Offer ownership in projects NOT the company
– Talk to outsides and get the input on your ideas and work, it is important to find out if what you are doing makes sense
– Usefully tools: IM, CVS, Phone, Conference Rooms in person, Secure forums, Team speak, Twiki, Subversion JotSpot, Dot Projects
– Communication is very very important for a team. Phone conversations and in person meeting help calmly resolve emotional issues



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