Things I learned at Torque Boot Camp Day 2

– Successful people just fiddle with Torque for a good while before trying to make a game
– SceneObject bins help limit the amount of collision math/processing that is needed
– Portals are about DIF not DTS
– Gotcha using RenderTransform() instead of normal Transform()
– GameBase datablocks, processTick(), ControlObjects
– ShapeBase
… Assumes a 3D world
… TGE isnt totally thread safe
…… this is one of the improvements in TGS
…… Atlas and IRC needed multi-threading ability
… MountingImages
… Events are not the same as Call-Backs CallBacks are in process, meaning they are part of the Tick process, but Events are processed outside the tick loop
– Player
… ConsoleMethod( Player, MethodName, Const Char*, 3, 3, help string );
… Argv array of arguments, C++ args, not script arguments
… dSscanf d is for dynmaix; cross-platform consistency, but might act a little different than a standard lib function
… Con::executef purpose so C++ can call script, Dont block b/c its during a tick (most likely)
… Schedule 0 means next available moment (After tick and other sensitive work)
… SimEvent would be a good way to hook in a non-Torque application with TCP/IP



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