Things I learned at IGC Day 1

– TDN is in beta and open for SDK owners!
– Drink tickets are easier to negotiate for than expected
– Im not the only one who feels like they are fighting uphill to make their dream game a reality
– It is the natural order of the world that all programmers must try to write thier own game engine from scratch so they can see first hand what an ridiculously impossible challenge that is, much less too do by themselves and not to mention a timeline that all but rules out making a game with it one day.
– IGC food is quality eats!
– The polish of the games being shown is awesome (and has set the bar a little higher for us all.)
– Putting the name of the game on the screen when demoing in this environment is a good idea
– Whoa! There is more than one women doing indie games!
– XBOX 360 has some very awesome looking games
– Microsoft sounds like they are embracing the Indie Community, awesome.



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