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Amazing Sun Flare Video

This is an amazing video of a sun flare. The TRACE satellite caught this flare which is what they call an X-Class flare, one of the largest and the kind responsible for blackouts and communication disruption. These loops are generating massive radiation and are estimated to be hotter than ten million degrees!

PODS Problems, Reputation Down

I’ve been ridiculously busy packing and moving. I think the hard part is over now. I’ve finished packing up and moving out of my place in Falls Church, VA. I’ve driven me and my cats to Burlington, VT (10 hour drive with whining Cats… Aaaaaaaaaaa!) Now I just need my stuff to show up in Burlington!

It actually been quite the pain in the you know what. I made the mistake of using the PODS Enterprises, Inc.: Portable On Demand Storage. It seemed like a good idea at the time because I could do my packing over a couple weeks instead of the three days that all the other options required. But it turns out the company’s customer service is awful. The first big problem is they won’t deliver to my apartment, for unexplained reasons the Burlington area of off limits. So instead they are transporting my stuff to the closest warehouse which is in Schenectady, NY. So I have to figure out how to haul it the rest of the way myself… Uggg.

To make matters worst the PODS Enterprises doesn’t understand how to make delivery schedules. I asked them to transport my pod so that I could access it on July 7th. They do not understand this and instead are planning to deliver my pod to warehouse that day but won’t let me make an appointment to access it because they don’t know exactly when it will arrive! I’ve called and complained several times now and no one will do anything about this massive mistake. I’ve also been hung up on twice, and sent to the “leave a message” recording countless times.

In conclusion I regret having used the PODS Company very much.

Day of Infamy

This day 65 years ago a great armada of ships slipped into range of the US’s Pacific Fleet Headquarters in Pearl Harbor, O’ahu, Hawaii and began what President Roosevelt called a “Day of Infamy.” It was commanded by Vice Admiral Chuichi Nagumo of Japan’s Imperial Navy and made up of:
6 aircraft carriers
2 battleships
3 cruisers
9 destroyers
8 fuel and supply tankers
28 submarines (5 where midget submarines)
441 planes

On Dec. 7, 1941 at 7:53 am Hawaii Time the slaughter began:
Battleship Arizona – un-recovered, remains now a Battle Memorial
Battleship Oklahoma– raise, abandoned
Battleship Utah – un-recovered
Battleship California – raised, refitted and returned to action
Battleship West Virginia – raised, refitted and returned to action
Battleship Nevada – beach, refitted and returned to action
Battleship Maryland – repaired and returned to action
Cruiser Helen – repaired, and returned to action
Cruiser Raleigh – repaired, and returned to action
Cruiser Honolulu – repaired and returned to action
Destroyer Cassin– un-recovered
Destroyer Downes – un-recovered
Destroyer Shaw – raised, refitted and returned to action
2 Destroyers in dry dock – un-recovered
Minelayer Oglala – damaged, and returned to action
Repair vessel Vestal – beached
Seaplane tender Curtiss – damaged, and returned to action
188 American aircraft – destroyed
2,389 Americans – dead
1,178 Americans – wounded

The following men received the Medal of Honor:
Mervyn S. Bennion (posthumously)
John William Finn
Francis C. Flaherty (posthumously)
Samuel G. Fuqua
Edwin J. Hill (posthumously)
Herbert C. Jones (posthumously)
Isaac C. Kidd (posthumously)
Jackson C. Pharris
Thomas J. Reeves (posthumously)
Donald K. Ross
Robert R. Scott (posthumously)
Peter Tomich (posthumously)
Franklin van Valkenburgh (posthumously)
James R. Ward (posthumously)
Cassin Young

World War II went on to claim the lives over 60 million people.

War is not always your choice.

New word from the Gulf Coast

My family lives on the Gulf Coast.  They survived hurricane Katrina, but not much of their stuff did.   I recently noticed they have begun using an interesting new word and I’m going to start working into my everyday vocabulary.

KATRINAED – something whose usefulness has been drastically lower by uncontrollable and usually outside forces. Ex. That’s my katrinaed boat which I keep my tax records in now.

Airbus A380 built in 7 minutes

What strikes me is that a lot of sci-fi games gloss over the reality that the construction of a spaceship is a ridiculously massive under taking. I think this video helps give one a small taste, a mere glimpse at how much work it would really take.

I think it would be cool to have time lapse construction videos in a game. It could add a level of coolness and authenticity. Can you imagine ordering the construction of a starship and being able to check on its progress, seeing the engineers testing a system, or painting the markings? That would blow me away.

Do the little things now

I have a procrastination problem (as some of you may have noticed.) One of the ‘reason’ behind this is I tend to over engineer things and make mountains out of mole hills. Instead of just going to the grocery store when I run out of milk I devise a massive plan for going to ten different stores. It’s basically a form of pre/over optimizing. Instead of taking care of the problem at hand, I start thinking about efficiency and maximizing my car trip.

This has two problems. First, I end up procrastinating because the small but important and urgent task of getting milk turns into this massive, overwhelming and very unpleasant project. The second problem is instead of just taking care of the little thing that is important all these other tasks get treated as a priority when they probably shouldn’t. This means that more important things are not getting done all in the name of efficiency.

So I’ve been trying to keep this mantra in my mind, “Do the little things now.”

Spirit of Life

Blessed are the fruits of the earth and sea and sky.
Blessed is this planet, miraculously spinning in space, sustaining human life in this vast cosmos.
Blessed are the gifts of family and friends and the joy of being together.
We give thanks this day for this food which nurtures and sustains our bodies and for these people who nurture and sustain our minds, souls and hearts.
We give thanks for those who cannot be with us this day; either through accidents of space or time or history, but who are part of us nonetheless, in influence and memory and esteem.
Blessed are we indeed.
Happy Thanksgiving.