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City Builder Game DRM Burned

The city builder game Dawn of Discovery was released at the end of June and I’ve heard a lot of good buzz about it. It even got a Metascore of 84. It seems like the kind of game I would really like. I almost purchased it but then I noticed some fine print: “TAGESTM 3 machine activation limit.” I was shocked. Some research shows that it has caused a lot of backlash, earning it 1.5 stars on Amazon.com. I wonder, how much this has hurt sales?

After some research I found some hearsay that they’ll raise the restriction if you contact them and are a legitimate user. That’s good, but it still doesn’t easy my fears. I’ve found in general that support issues like that eventual disappear and you are left hanging. I’m the kind of user that plays games for years after they’re release. I’ve installed Medieval Total War countless times. When I buy a game it is more of an investment, and an activation limit reduces its value to me. If it was only $15 to $20 then it might be worth only playing three times. I hope in a year or so it comes out on Steam without the activation limits, and it’ll probably be cheaper too.

I wonder, how will this change Ubisoft’s profit formula?

Update: I’ve heard rumors that the 1.1 patch removed the DRM, but it appears to only apply to European Retail versions.

Marble Blast Ultra Goes Live on Xbox 360 Arcade

“The journey to Marble Blast on the 360 has finally come to an end. Today at around 2:30pm PST, the game went up on XBox Live Arcade servers. Since then, over 1000 people have posted high scores on the leaderboards, and the online forums have lit up with discussion of the game.” says Alex Swanson of GarageGames in his nice post doing a quick post mortems of art production. Even if you don’t read it, it is worth looking at the pretty pictures of the marble reflecting its surroundings. Link

Texas proposes 100% Game Tax

Gamespot has a disturbing article about Texas politician Star Locke. Apparently his platform for governor includes a massive tax on ‘violent’ computer games. Link

Fun Pause gets swallowed up by a Big Fish

Big Fish has aquired Fun Pause. Fun Pause’s founder Emmanuel Marty is well known in the indie game dev community and surely this will be an inspiration for many. Congrates!

Verizon and Allegheny Power halts Christmas Lights

The Washington Post has a story about how Verizon and Allegheny Power put the brake on a Christmas tradition going back over sixty years. The city of Lonaconing, Maryland has a Christmas tradition of hanging lights on its streets during the holidays. This year the city made the mistake of trying to modernize their lighting system and once they got their utility company’s involved the corporations refused to help citing safe reasons. So instead of acting like a member of the community and working with the very people they depend on for revenue they left the city demoralized and lightless. Demonstrating part of the Corporate Fantasy; all activities must have a sufficient Return on Investment (ROI) in order to burden risks of the engagement. Unfortunately, large companies have mediocre middle management types perform these analyses and they do not have the imagination to consider the needs of the community, their moral, or the potential for goodwill generation. The gooey center of Large Corporation only understands one thing: “How much is it going to cost us?” Image if they had helped and this article was about how they saved the city’s 60 year old Christmas tradition! That would have been good for business and the community, right? Oh well, they are getting at little payback. A large display of The Grinch who Stole Christmas has been put up in front of the Verizon office.

Real Arcade Top Ten History

James C. Smith of Reflexive Entertainment fame, makers of Ricochet has started an interesting website collecting information about the Top Ten Games on Real Arcade called CasualCharts.com. It includes historical data going back to mid 2002. It also contains information about who developed, published and distributed each game and more. Link

Microsoft DirectX December SDK released

Includes a Direct3D 10 preview, the .NET Framework 2.0 (Beta) and Windows Vista Game Explorer (Beta) More at: http://msdn.microsoft.com/directx/sdk/

325,902 Xbox 360 sold in November

More at http://www.gameinformer.com/NR/exeres/2A7C6498-633B-4EE2-A453-BA241BB736D6.htm