SilverLight DevCamp DC Nugget #1

This weekend I hauled myself down to DC to attend the SilverLight DevCamp DC.  I learned quite a few things so I’ve decided, instead of one really long post about it all I’d do a series of quick posts about the things I learned.

I’d like to send a big THANK YOU to Frank La Vigne for organizing this event and recognize all the speakers because they did this as volenteers:

Apparently I came the furthest for the event and so was given a free copy of the just released SilverLight 1.0 Unleashed.  I was quite happy because it was a book I was thinking about getting.  If that wasn’t surprise enough the book is filled with bright colors!

SilverLight DevCamp DC Nuggest #1

The first nugget I’ll share is that a Windows Mobile version of SilverLight is in the works.  Apparently there was a working demo at MIX07 and I found a video of the presentation by, the mobile part is right at the end.



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