Mr. Phil Games Update

My download games website: Mr. Phil Games com got an update on Friday. It is a little less than I was aiming for but the “Featured” game section isn’t quite ready for prime time. I was able to save myself a ton of work on the Privacy Policy by adapting Creative Common’s privacy policy. Sadly they didn’t have a Terms of Use document and I had to write that one from scratch and it probably shows. I just can’t bring myself to hire a lawyer to take my money to give me a simple customized boiler plate document. That aside it does improves the site’s professional image.

I had fun upgrading the site, and will probably continue work on the “Featured” section this week. Lately I’ve been procrastinating work on Alien Sovereign. I think it is probably because I have programmers block which is writers block for programmers. My rendering system is causing me headaches and I probably just need more sub-conscious mulling time before I can solve it.



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