Hurricane Irene

If you want to help the victims of Irene start here: Network For Good: Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene is causing a lot of stir.  Game jam challenge:  “You have 48 hours to make a game during the Hurricane and about Hurricanes.”

Potential games about Hurricane

  • You are a Hurricane, rip down as many buildings as possible
  • You are an insurance claims adjuster, denie as many claims as possible
  • You are a city in a low laying area, how much money can you save not preparing
  • You are a C-130 and must collect reading ffom the eye of the storm
  • You are a boat or ship and must steer clear of all the hurricanes trying to sink you
  • You are an oil rig and … I dunno… what do they do?!?  Hmmm… according to Wikipedia, it sounds like they abandon them.
  • You are mother nature and must use hurricanes to control population and development on the main land

Hurricane Irene


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