Seeds of Desctruction

Seeds Of DestructionYou must finish a new seedling before all the soil nutrients are gone. Use your launch pod to destroy the hostile seeds before they can land and start using up the soil. Play

This was my Ludum Dare 23 entry.

UNSS Pasteur

Montage of UNSS Pasteur Screenshots
You are the captain of a ship exploring the galaxy looking for help and clues to the terrible extraterrestrial disease massacring humanity. Play!

This was my Ludum Dare 19 entry.


a physics challenge of tower building, Play
Learn more about Stacker.

This started life as my Ludum Dare 12 entry.

Iron Roads

Iron Roads In Development tease screen shot(In Development) – demonstrate your business skill by building the greatest railroad empire in North America. Check out the development post

This started life as my Ludum Dare 13 entry.