Devil is in the details, right?

I recently got my hands on Game Architecture and Design. So far I’ve been impressed with it and I’m going to try and follow it chapter by chapter and apply it to my game Alien Sovereign. I’ve been working on a document for a couple years now catching all my ideas and refining things, which is a cross between the Treatment that the book describes in Chapter 2 and a first pass at the Game Spec described in chapter 2. It is causing me problems in structure department, oh well.

I think, I hope, this book has kicked it into my head that I’m really lacking on the details for my game. I’ve come across the idea in other books, but until now I keep thinking that somehow I’d work out the details while I was coding. Instead it has been a big barrier to coding because I get lost as to what to do next, which leads to procrastination via tinkering with new technology and the like.

I’ve also been playing with the new Alpha 4 release of T2D and some of the new tutorials up on TDN.



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