This is the home of Mr. Phil Games, a startup independent game developer. What is
an independent game developer? Like independent films they are typically small budget,
big-hearted creations whose creator has chosen artistic control and vision over
big budget support and distribution. In Mr. Phil Games’ case, Indie means it is
all done by me: Philip J. Ludington.

I’m working in my free time to create a science fiction strategy game. A sort of
Star Trek meets Risk meets World War II, a genre sometimes called 4X or empire builder.
The player is put in charge of a fledgling spare-faring civilization and he must
shepherd it through the hostile galaxy to victory. Naturally victory is a complicated
condition and so it can be achieved in many different ways. Hear more about my on
going work in my blog.

Another interesting project is my website
Indie Game List.
It’s a work in progress and currently everything is stub work.
But one day I hope it will evolve
into a sort of farmers market for game developers, a place where game
developers can promote their games without having to sacrifice any profit.
It also needs a new name!

Please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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