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Games Need Juice

I came across this very good video on adding juiciness to games:

Juice it or lose it – a talk by Martin Jonasson & Petri Purho

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My Notes from LD23

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The Greatest Video Game Made

Unity3D #pragma strict Gotch

I was working with some code in a book today and could not figure out why a variable was giving me problems.

Unknown idenifier: ‘mesh’. (BCE0005)

I don’t usually program using JavaScript much less with MonoDevlop, so it took me a while.  Turns out, it’s a little thing:

#pragma strict

I was using it, and the book wasn’t.  They didn’t declare the variable in the example unlike ALL the other ones! That’s why it is unknown, it IS unknown.  The sample code that came with the book compiled because it doesn’t have the #pragma strict.

Venus Patrol – Kickstarter

Venus Patrol

I’ve added Venus Patrol to my stable of Kickstarter projects.   It’s basically rebooting Offworld for Boing Boing which went silent back in 2009.

Americana Dawn: The Long Goodbye

Americana Dawn: The Long Goodbye

Here’s another small project I’m funding over at 8-Bit Funding: Americana Dawn: The Long Goodbye   It’s an interesting freeware project with an early America setting.

Free RPG tileset for indie game developers

Free RPG tileset of indie game developersI came across and interesting Kickstarter project today called Free RPG tileset for indie game developers  I’m sending a paltry $10 from my wallet (which I might increase.)  I like the idea of crowd sourcing the funds to create art assests that can be used in indie games.  I hope Bret Truchan is successful and not only does more, but his success encourages other artists to do the same.  Heck, I might even organize a similar project.

Ludum Dare 21 – Conclusion

I didn’t finish. I just didn’t have my weekend clear.  You really need a clear weekend to finish Ludum Dare. The tech change in the middle didn’t help.

My main take away: Unity slowed me down. I’m too much of a programmer. When a game engine gets in the way, I can see all the different ways I would code myself out of the problem, but I can’t see any solutions in the engine’s context. Code is a powerful too, and I’m good at using it. Game engine’s are alien worlds with bizarre rules and un-explainable behavior.

So, I’m going to stop using game engines (or frameworks etc.) I’ll use non-game libraries and leave all the game programming to myself. Specifically, something like SDL, SFML or even XNA are good for me, but not stuff like Torque 2D or Unity. I think XNA is “library” enough not to be considered a game engine. It’s more like a toolbox. Oh, I think the caveat here is I want to make 2D games, not 3D.

I think there is a bigger principal at work here: KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid Game Engine’s are complicated systems built by lots of programmers.  They have multitudes of  audiences with different needs.  This all makes them hard to understand with lots of bells and whistles.  In order to accommodate all these different requirements, some feature are overly complex with lots of assumptions.  Those assumptions require rigidness to keep you out of the weeds that aren’t handle so well because of those assumptions.  So at the end of a Ludum Dare weekend, you look back and see all the time lost figuring the game engine’s nuances and gotrchas.  Then you pine for a chance to go back in time and just pounded out the code you needed.

Random Post

Garry of Garry’s Mod expirments with causal iPhone game, nice break down of revenue and graphs comparing paid and ad business models. –

Do not laugh at this: