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October Challenge Progress:Now with Red Lettering

It was a real fight tonight getting the “Win” to be displayed nicely and in red. Took me a while to understand the relationship between the GUIText and a font material. Brother, sure wish I had figured it out faster.

Stacker Progress 10/7

Stacker Progress 10/7

On the business hat side of things I discovered that PayPal now has a microtransation option to their pricing structure and signed up. I have my reservations about the trustworthiness of PayPal after all the stories I’ve heard, but this will be my best option if I price Stacker at $1 like I was thinking.

Next Action: Some sort of visualization for the target area you are building the tower to.
Total Hours To Date: 15.75

October Challenge Progress Report #2

A small step forward.  Worked on getting the win condition to trigger.

Stacker Progress Screenshot 10/6

Stacker Progress Screenshot 10/6

The trigger is firing, but I need to animated the target zone and the fact that you’ve hit it.  The text looks awful too.

I also got some business hat things done as well: signed up for Intel’s AppUp Developer whosywhatisit, Google Checkout thingy and a couple offical business forms with my county.  Can you believe you have to file for a permit to do work in your own home!?!  What is America coming too?  Anyways… tired… must sleep.

Total Hours To Date: 13.75

October Challenge Progress Report #1

I’ve made some serious progress tonight.

Stacker Progress Screenshot 10/5

Stacker Progress Screenshot 10/5

I’ve gotten the basics now working in Unity:

  • Yellow Blocks
  • Physics and stacking
  • Mouse position determines place of new block

I like the 3D-ness the block have now, even though the gamer is interacting purely in a 2D fashion.

Total hours so far: 11.5  This probably means that I’m already ahead of the LD12 pace.

I accept The October Challenge

I’m accepting PoV’s Ludum Dare October Challenge: Make a game, sell 1 copy. I’m going to extend and polish Stacker, my Ludum Dare 12 entry. It is the most complete game and best of all my Ludum Dare entries. I also have some ideas about how to make it more interesting than the current scheme of moving the goal line higher and higher each level.

Serendipitously, Unity 3.0 was released today. I’ve been eyeing using it in future projects for a few weeks now, and have actually done several tutorials and watched a bunch of videos online. I was particularly impressed with the Visual Studio integration. If I had known about that earlier, I would have tried it much sooner. In the past, engines, frameworks and languages have caused me much gnashing of my teeth because their IDE was so painful.

Come back Oct 30 and see if I won 😉

October Challenge Progress Report #1
October Challenge Progress Report #2
October Challenge Progress:Now with Red Lettering
Pretty Target
October Challenge Released

Stacker has been published! Here’s the sales pitch! Stacker


LD #17 is upon the Earth.  I will fight this menace to the doom.  Follow along or participate: Ludum Dare #17

Mini Ludum Dare #16: Constraints

Ludum Dare, big, tall and shadowedI’ll be particpating this weekend in the Mini Ludum Dare #16, who’s theme is Constraints.  As usually I’ll run the dev diary on Ludum Dare’s site under the name MrPhil.  For this, contest I’ll be using Python + Pygame.  It will be my first stabe at Python or Pygame.  I hope they live up to their reputation of being fast to develop in.  This way you’ll have something fun the play with  on Sunday!

Game Dev Contest: Domestic Violence

Ludum Dare, big, tall and shadowed

Ludum Dare, big, tall and shadowed

I participating in the Mini Ludum Dare #10 (MLD10) this weekend.  Ludum Dare is a website the organizes game development contests which are usually 48 hours long.  The mini’s are practice contests and the rules are usually more informal.

MLD10’s theme is Domestic Violence.  I found this to be a very hard theme.  Where is the fun in it?  But, I got to brainstorming and something struck me.  Games are often about real life, even the unpleasant sides of life, like war.  Games like Doom, Company of Heroes etc., these all deal with the theme of War, but are still able to be fun.  So, I’m moving forward and starting to get somewhere.

See what other developers are doing or Learn more about Ludum Dare or Follow my posts for MLD10 on Ludum Dare

Update:  I’ve thrown in the towel.

New Project: Iron Roads


The holidays have kept me so busy I haven’t talked any about my new project. Another Ludum Dare 48 Hour game development contest occurred the weekend of December 5th. It was my fourth time to play and the 13th contest to date. This time the theme was “Roads.” Roads turned out to be a very difficult theme. I brainstormed all night Friday before bed (the contests started at 11 pm my time) and then again in the morning for a total of two to three hours. I couldn’t come up with anything I liked and also seemed simple enough to finish in the 48 hour time limit. So I went with the idea I liked the most, a Railroad Tycoon type business simulator. I confidently and correctly judge I would not finish it in time, but I’ve got a wonderful start on a game I’m really excited about. I call it Iron Roads. You can read the few and short posts I made during the contest on the Ludum Dare website: MrPhil’s Iron Roads.

Source when I threw the towel in

Puzzle Bots Code

Now you can see the light!

LD6 Screenshot 2

LD6 Screenshot 2