Casual Review Interviews Cliff Harris

Cliff Harris is a role-model for me. He has made some very innovative games, he works fulltime making games and he’s a one-man studio, Postitech. All things I want to do too. So I religiously read his blog, play his games and I am always on the lookout for interviews and news about him. Today, I came acrossthis interesting interview and would like to share it with you.

”The other thing about Kudos is that, because its not a 3D game, there is no art ‘cost’ to adding stuff, so all kinds of things went into it. Basically whenever there was a cool idea, it went in, without having to think about it. It was my wifes idea for the pet cat to eat your pet fish if you didn’t feed it. I love that, because when it happens, people don’t really expect it. I love suprises in games. The chinese restaurant gives you fortune cookies, and that was another random, fun idea that went in one afternoon.”



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