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Iron Roads Goes to New Orleans

Iron Roads Progress 1/23/2012

Iron Roads Progress 1/23/2012

– Figured out how to drawn lines using sprites, Thank you to XNA wiki
– Rail links between cities drawn
– Added a bunch of cities: Springfield, Memphis, Little Rock, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans
– Cleaned up the map some, including better lakes around New Orleans: Lake Maurepus, Lake Pontchartrain and Lake Borgne



The Greatest Video Game Made

Kickstarter: The Last Sleeper

I added The Last Sleeper to my list of Kickstart projects today.  I really think the music by Erik Aadahl is well done.  The latest update has a nice track, you should take a listen  I’m also intrigued by the story of the game, and it sounds like the game designer has face some serious adversity getting the project this far.  Add your support, only a few hours left!

The Last Sleeper

Kickstarter Projects Worthy of Your Support

Here’s another batch of interesting game project I’ve supporting on Kickstarter.  They a look they need more support:

UFHO2 – A Turn-based Strategy Game

Organ Trail: Director’s Cut
Organ Trail

LangGuini a Card Game!
LangGuini a Card Game!

Puzzle Me! – A Family-Friendly Board Game
Puzzles Me!